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Benicalap Musical Association was born in 1995, offering its first concert on June 30 of that
same year in a theatre near its headquarters. Its origin remains on the cultural and musical
eagerness of a club of partners of the Cultural Association “El Portalet” of Benicalap, founded 2
years earlier, in 1993. The neighbourhood Benicalap is located north of Valencia, and it has a
population of 44,684 inhabitants.

In its beginning, the association brought together cultural activities as regional dances, a cycling
group, play-act, traditional sewing groups, ballroom dancing, and later, it was started the
creation of a music school.

In this school more than 100 children are trained from 2 year-olds to adult age, spread over
different levels to the elementary level.

There are also imparted lessons of all the instruments that compose a music band, as well as
strings instruments: violins, violoncello, guitar, percussion, clarinet, saxophone, flute, oboe or

This School is officially recognized by the education concierge of Valencia Government, as
well as by the Ministry of Education of Spain. That is why in 2007 it received the golden medal
of cultural merit, granted by Valencia’s deputation, recognizing the wide educational work that
it carries out.

It is associated and collaborates with the Federation of musical societies of Valencian
Community, and also with the Coordinator of musical societies of Valencia.

Benicalap Musical Association is present in all the festivities of the neighbourhood, brightening
up with concerts or parades. Furthermore, it also participates in all the concerts organized by
both the town hall and the Valencian Community Government, placed all over the city’s squares
and gardens, in spring and summer months.

The band has participated twice in the Bands Provincial Contest of the City of Valencia, being
in third place in 2006, and in second place in 2014.

In 2006, the group travelled to Germany, and it was offered two concerts in Black Forest, a trip
that lasted one week. Recently, in 2019 it travelled to Paris and Disneyland.

This musical society counts with the participation and collaboration in different meetings and
concerts with other Spanish cities, for instance Sevilla, Zamora, Teruel or Mallorca, as well as
in different Valencian Community populations.

Nowadays, the Musical Association has several groups where the students can go on with their
education and develop their talent. It possesses an initiation band with 20 musicians for the
youngest children: 3 months of classes are enough for them to play their first notes in a group.

Then, it has a juvenile band, with more than 40 musicians, and a titular band with 65 musicians.

Since 2017, the Association has a small orchestra, composed of violins, violoncellos and wind

The last group that was created most recently was in 2018: a Big Band. It consists of a Jazz
group of 22 components, specialized on 30s and 40s Jazz Music. This group resulted to have a
big exit among musicians and the audience.

From its beginning, the Benicalap Musical Association has had several directors, but from 2004
the titular and juvenile bands are directed by Vicente Faubel Vidagany.


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